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Who likes breakfast wraps?

I do, I do! What’s not to love? It’s breakfast, it’s a wrap…it’s delicious! I love a good bacon n’ egg breakfast, or even something more substantial like a lady lumberjack. I’ve even been known to delve into breakfast pizza. As a Soph n’ Stuff reader you know of my obsession with mexican breakfasts, or […]

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Turkey burgers with spinach, cranberry mayo and jalapeno havarti

I’ve been slightly obsessed with turkey burgers lately, I think it’s because ground turkey is so cheap after the holidays. And this sweet cranberry mayo combined with the spicy jalapeno havarti makes a perfect accompaniment. I added spinach because why not? You need to eat your greens, people. Might as well eat them on a burger. […]

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Caprese and Calabrese Paninis

Today I was craving nachos for lunch. It seems for some reason lately whenever I’m craving nachos, I end up going to the grocery store and getting the stuff to make something else. I think it’s this niggling voice in the back of my mind that says: “make something you can take lovely pictures of, […]

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