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Canada vs. Finland: a snack-off

Every four years, Canadians everywhere settle in to their living rooms for a traditional winter pastime…the viewing of the winter olympics. Sure, summer is great and all. It’s warm and there is swimming. But there is something just so much more satisfying about the winter olympics. And that thing is our national sport. You may […]

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Tallinn, Estonia and the best cheese balls ever

It’s been a while since I’ve done a travel post, so I thought it was high time to tell you all about our adventures in… Tallinn, Estonia. After being pampered, wined and dined in Finland, the four of us were ready to set out on our own, into the wilds of Eastern Europe. Tallinn was […]

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The sword in the meat

I really donät have a lot of time to blog…long story short, the laptop we böught specifically for this trip was forgotten on our kitchen counter before leaving for the äirport. DERP! There’s all kinds of umläuts on this keyboärd, which is making me giggle. I am in a hotel business centre in Tampere, trying […]

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