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Whole wheat penne with blue cheese, arugula and toasted walnuts

This pasta recipe has become something of a viral sensation in the food blogging universe lately. It was originally posted by Bev Cooks – who appears to have adapted the recipe from Fine Cooking – after which it made an appearance on Simply Scratch, and finally made its way over to Tasty Kitchen (by the same talented contributor), which is […]

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All hail pizza, queen of the world

After 28 years of living, eating, and cooking, I hereby proclaim my most favourite food in the world to be… Drumroll please… …Pizza! Okay, maybe I’ve only been cooking for 20 years. But I’ve been eating Pizza for at least 26. Right mom? It used to be if someone were to ask me: “Hey Soph, […]

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I Bled in Pizza Wars and got Wealthy

Bled, Slovenia has all of the postcard-perfect characteristics of a quaint European town: Emerald coloured lake surrounded by rolling green mountains on all sides Tiny island in middle of Emerald lake with picturesque white church Castle sitting atop a sheer cliff face overlooking village Narrow cobblestoned alleyways leading steeply up to aforementioned castle Pizza restaurant […]

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