Poached eggs and ramps on rye

Remember when I stumbled across a patch of wild leeks a few weeks ago and was ecstatic to collect them for some seasonal recipes?

Rye bread

Imagine my surprise (yet again) to come across them in my crisper when rummaging around for lunch ideas! They hold up surprisingly well in the fridge.


Of course I had to come up with something delicious to enjoy the last of my stash.


Luck would have it that I still had a bit of the local chevre to finish up, and had just purchased a loaf of artisanal rye from Sobeys that claims the grains were grown in Ontario. C’est bon! Another local feast for my tummy.


My eggs are local too, by the way. We buy them from a small scale egg farmer in Erin. Free range and all that jazz.


I’ve had varying success with poaching eggs and have yet to nail down a technique that I am consistently good at. This time I tried the Julia Child method which is to boil the eggs in their shells for 10 seconds prior to cracking and poaching them in water.


It worked alright, I guess. The eggs held together reasonably well and looked decent. But I’ve still no idea how they get them so perfect at good brunch restaurants. Can any chefs enlighten me? It might just be that no matter what the method, perfection is attained from regular practice and not some magical trick.

Poached eggs with ramps on rye

Mmmm…once again the mild flavour of the ramps went really nicely with the goat cheese. And who doesn’t love a poached egg? Simplicity at its best.

Poached eggs with ramps on rye

Here’s the recipe!

So, have any of you enjoyed the splendor of the wild leek season this year? Whether purchased or foraged I am always curious about what other people are doing with seasonal produce. Do share!

Poached eggs with ramps on rye

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