Now for something a little different

This week at Soph n’ Stuff I am proud to bring you a somewhat different topic than we are used to.

Steak embroidery

You see, when I created this blog I did so with the intention to write and post pictures about food, travel, photography and “general sophiness”.

Steak embroidery

Since then it has evolved into a more food-centric blog. Unfortunately I don’t travel frequently enough. Obviously I take a lot of photos. There is, however, a certain lack of general sophiness, which happens to be going on behind the scenes at all times.

Steak embroidery

The truth is, I feel happiest when I am fulfilling a creative urge. I am by no means an artist of any specific medium. I like to write, paint, cook, take pictures – you name it. I don’t necessarily practice all of these endeavors on a daily basis, but I always come back around to them when the urge strikes me.

Steak embroidery

About two years ago I decided I would get back into embroidery. I did it as a kid with my sister and recall the satisfying monotony of lining up stitch after stitch, painstakingly threading the needle, and gasping in frustration when a little knot formed in my strand of threads.

Steak embroidery

Well, its been two years and I have completed my first project! Cheesler no longer holds the record for longest time taken to finish a labour of love (remember the table?). He can now gloat contentedly about being the lesser procrastinator of the household.

Steak embroidery

I’m not too interested in cutesy embroidery. You know, with flowers and fairies and toadstools, oh my. In fact, at first I wanted to embroider a majestic eagle soaring with the eff word emblazoned on a ribbon above it. But I thought it might be better to start out with a simpler design.

Steak embroidery

Enter the steak. Heck, if I can cook a steak and take flawless pictures of a steak, I can embroider a steak, amirite?

Steak embroidery

Nearing completion, Cheesler asked me what I planned to do with the steak once it was finished and I was only temporarily stumped. What does one do with an embroidered steak? Why, the answer was almost painfully obvious. It must go onto a barbecue apron.

Steak embroidery

So I present to you, the first product of my new “Stitch n’ Stuff” line!

Steak embroidery

Just kidding. I think a bit more practice is needed before I can reasonably become an etsy millionaire from my food-themed embroidery. So, what do you think, friends?

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2 Comments on “Now for something a little different”

  1. Kelly
    July 29, 2016 at 1:44 pm #

    This is so cute! I love it! I was veggie for years during my teens but I finally caved because of my love of steak 🙂

  2. May 12, 2015 at 11:49 pm #

    Oh man, you got me. I kept thinking what on Earth WILL she do with an embroidered steak….but of course a bbq apron. Good going!

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