Home-made sausage biscuit sandwiches!

The other day, whilst driving past a billboard advertising Tim Horton’s “Aged Cheddar Biscuit Sandwich”, I commented to Cheesler that the “aged” part seems weirdly placed, like it describes that the entire biscuit sandwich was aged. An elderly biscuit sandwich, if you will.

Breakfast sandwiches

That got me thinking, and I soon found myself with a real hankering for a biscuit breakfast sandwich. Albeit not elderly. A young breakfast sandwich would be preferable.

I have had the Tim’s version and it is…okay…, but I do so try to avoid fast food.

Breakfast sandwiches

Every now and then, though…

Breakfast sandwiches

Every now and then I just get a hankering for a breakfast sandwich.

Breakfast sandwiches

So I decided to make my own, making the sausage patties from scratch and baking home-made cheddar and sage biscuits. Of course this is terribly easy if you have some ground pork, which I did.

Breakfast sandwiches

Alton Brown’s recipe for breakfast sausage served me well. In fact, his recipes have never let me down, that affable aficionado of all things aliment. I only had pre-ground pork so I adapted the recipe slightly but it still turned out so good.

Breakfast sandwiches

I glazed just a little maple syrup on the patties right after frying them because I just…couldn’t resist.

Breakfast sandwiches

Woah Nelly!

Breakfast sandwiches

These breakfast sandwiches were a delicious mess. I think next time I would scramble the egg and form it into an egg patty rather than cooking the egg over-easy. When the yolk burst it was just so messy, and definitely not portable as one would expect a sandwich to be.

Breakfast sandwiches

And the home-made sausage was surprisingly good! Definitely more flavourful, and lacking that greasy fatty quality you get in the store-bought ones.

Here are the recipes!

Home-made breakfast sausage

Cheddar and sage biscuits

Breakfast sandwiches


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