Reuben mac n’ cheese

Once upon a time, in the not so distant past, a food blogger sat eating a rather bland bowl of mac n’ cheese.

Reuben mac n' cheese

She wondered what she could possibly add to impart more flavour, more excitement to her supper.

Reuben mac n' cheese

Sriracha was the usual choice. But this time she wanted something different. Something…tangy.

Reuben mac n' cheese

She wondered, if people add sauerkraut to mashed potatoes (they do, believe me…and it is awesome)…could she not add sauerkraut to noodles?

Reuben mac n' cheese

Suddenly, images started racing through her mind. Toasted rye bread…pickles…smoked meat.

Reuben mac n' cheese

And it dawned on her that she could make a Reuben…in the form of mac n’ cheese!

Reuben mac n' cheese

It was too late for the bowl of mac that sat before her, half eaten and now cold thanks to her daydreaming. But next time, she vowed,  she would create this completely original dish that no one had ever thought of before!

Reuben mac n' cheese

If you haven’t guessed already, that blogger was me. And I fancied myself a culinary genius for inventing the idea of the reuben mac n’ cheese.

Reuben mac n' cheese

I had had great success with a reuben pizza, so why not branch out into the baked pasta world?

Reuben mac n' cheese

Well, after a quick google search I was crestfallen to discover that Rachel Ray had already made this discovery. I have nowhere near the celebrity clout that Rachel has, so I disposed of my patent application.  But I was not deterred from making it anyway.

Reuben mac n' cheese

I effing love the reuben. Did I ever tell you that there is a deli style restaurant literally right next to my gym? In the same building. Every time I finish my workout, I leave the gym all fit and accomplished, only to scent the blissful aroma of smoked meat and spicy mustard and dill pickles. It is torture and I must run past the door so as not to be tempted to immediately replace the calories I just burned off.

Reuben mac n' cheese

This recipe is pretty simple but has flair. You make your roux cheese sauce as per usual, but add a lot of spicy mustard.

Reuben mac n' cheese

The cheese is swiss and the beef is corned.

Reuben mac n' cheese

And there is lots of tangy sauerkraut to keep your taste buds on their toes.

Reuben mac n' cheese

Perhaps most intriguing is the breadcrumb topping. It is made from toasted and buttered rye bread mixed with parsley and paprika.Once it all comes together it really does taste remarkably like a reuben sandwich! Don’t forget the pickles!

Reuben mac n' cheese

I used a mixture of penne and fusilli this time because I had a half bag of each in the pantry, but you can use any kind of pasta that would typically serve well in a baked casserole.

Or just use traditional elbow macaroni! Sometimes the simplest solution is the best one. Isn’t that a famous quote from some science guy? Can’t argue with science.

Here is the recipe!

Stay tuned for Reuben pizza. While I have made it several times, I have never blogged about it for some reason. I won’t leave you hanging much longer.

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2 Comments on “Reuben mac n’ cheese”

  1. February 25, 2015 at 1:17 pm #

    Wow this is a delicious recipe, love the results!

  2. February 25, 2015 at 4:42 am #

    Nothing beats a good plate of mac n’cheese!! It looks great and now I’m hungry =D

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