Who likes breakfast wraps?

I do, I do!

Breakfast wraps

What’s not to love? It’s breakfast, it’s a wrap…it’s delicious!

Breakfast wraps

I love a good bacon n’ egg breakfast, or even something more substantial like a lady lumberjack.

Breakfast wraps

I’ve even been known to delve into breakfast pizza.

Breakfast wraps

As a Soph n’ Stuff reader you know of my obsession with mexican breakfasts, or Brexican.

Breakfast wraps

I like this recipe because it is really easy to make and has the zesty crunch of fresh vegetables.

Breakfast wraps

So you feel like you are getting a healthy start to your day! Also, bacon.

Breakfast wraps

And hot sauce. That’s Señor Manzana to you, friend.

Breakfast wraps

Anyway, try this sometime soon. It doesn’t even have to be eaten around breakfast time – this would be a great quick weeknight meal.

Just cook up some scrambled eggs, make some bacon and thrown them both into a tortilla with diced jalapeno, red peppers, onion, cheese and cilantro. And don’t forget the hot sauce!

You could even get crazy and add avocado slices, which is something I would totally do if I had them on hand.

Breakfast wraps


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