Jerk fish tacos featuring Señor Manzana

You’re probably asking yourself, “Who is this Señor Manzana and what the heck is a jerk fish?”

Jerk fish tacos

The señor is not a man but a sauce, my friends. A hot sauce with the sting of jalapeño curbed by the sweetness of apples, designed and sold by the creator of Sauce Empire, who also happens to be a dear friend of mine.

Annnnd a jerk fish is a spiteful salmon who won’t hesitate to “flip” you off when you’re already having a bad day.

Just kidding. A jerk fish is fish marinated in Caribbean jerk seasoning. Makes an excellent taco, you know.

Jerk fish tacos

Sauce Empire’s manifesto is “heat without compromise”, which means they don’t put anything in their sauces that you wouldn’t find at home. No seven syllable words containing at least two “x”s and ending in “ose”. No sneaky wheat products or creepy artificial colour that comes from crushed beetles. Ick.

Jerk fish tacos

When Cheesler returned from a recent trip to Victoria, BC (where it is made and sold) with three bottles to try, I knew I had to do a feature blog post for each sauce.

Jerk fish tacos

I’ve been meaning to try a fish taco with an apple slaw for quite some time, and when I saw the ingredients I knew it was meant to be! Jalapeno and apple? A perfect match to the complex flavours of jerk seasoning.

First I marinated the fish – tilapia – in a liquid jerk seasoning (I used store bought…shhhh).

And then it was tortilla time. I made some simple corn tortillas from masa harina. “Just add water!”

Jerk fish tacos

There is a time and a place for corn tortillas. That time is now and the place is under a pile of fish taco stuff. Flour tortillas, while excellent for carnitas tacos or korean tacos, are not appropriate with fish. I don’t know why….just trust me on this one, mmkay? Or feel free to chime in (in the comments below) with your tortilla thoughts.

Jerk fish tacos

I didn’t want my apple slaw to be too sweet so I used granny smith apples which are tart and tangy. Also the prefect crunchy texture for a slaw.

Jerk fish tacos

Some red pepper to add vim and vigour…and colour! And of course, the combined flavours of peppers and onion are the foundation of jerk spice, so I mixed the diced peppers with green onions.

Jerk fish tacos

I had so much cilantro I decided to add a cooling element to the taco, by making a cilantro and cumin-infused yogourt sauce in my magic bullet.

Jerk fish tacos

Finally, it was time to fry that jerky fish. So, I set up a basic breading station. Being the cunning culinary craftswoman that I am, I scraped the marinade off the fish and right into the eggs I planned to dip it in. After a coating of jerk infused eggs, I dipped the fish into panko breadcrumbs seasoned with dried parsely and salt. The trick to a good breading is getting flavour and seasoning into each layer, so that you don’t end up with a delicious piece of something covered in bland tasteless crust.

Jerk fish tacosMmm, just look at that crunchy jerk fish. Hey jerk fish! The jerk store called and….oh, never mind.

Jerk fish tacosTo assemble, I placed a few chunks of jerk fish on a grilled tortilla, followed by some apple slaw. Then I sprinkled on the pepper/onion mixture, and drizzled the cilantro yogourt and señor manzana over all.

Jerk fish tacosJust as I suspected, the hot sauce went perfectly with the jerk fish and the crunchy apples.

Jerk fish tacosA match made in heav…er…kitchen!

Here is the recipe!Jerk fish tacos

So, if you are ever in the Victoria area, check out Sauce Empire. I think they will soon be set up for online ordering if you are not in the area.

Jerk fish tacosComing up next, I will be trying out the other sauces such as Roasted Rojo and Bee Sting. Intrigued? Stay tuned, Soph n’ Stuff readers.

Jerk fish tacos

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3 Comments on “Jerk fish tacos featuring Señor Manzana”

  1. February 17, 2015 at 6:56 pm #

    So now Salmon AND Tilapia are jerks?? Damn Mercury retrograde!


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