Fancy schmancy hot chocolate

Last weekend I was nestled cozily on my couch, tucked into a blanket, reading a book while the lights from the Christmas tree twinkled in the corner.

Hot chocolate

There was a light snow falling outside. Not flakes, really, but microscopic nuggets that seem to drift lazily to the ground without accumulating anywhere. Seated next to the window I could just see it out of the corner of my eye while engrossed in the story.

Hot chocolate

Ahh. What could make this moment more perfect and cosy, I thought to myself. I know, a nice cup of hot chocolate.

Hot chocolate

I don’t drink it often (I am not much one for sweets, as you know), but every now and then the moment is just right, and this was one of those moments.

Hot chocolate

I rummaged around in my pantry until I found the hot chocolate mix I probably purchased about two years ago. Welp, what could go wrong. As per the instructions I boiled some water in the kettle, then stirred 3 spoonfuls of the mix in.

Hot chocolate

Back on the couch, I tucked in once again, opened my book and took a sip…

Hot chocolate

Blergh! Ugh! Nasty, watery stuff. Cloyingly sweet with no chocolately richness. Glumly, I returned to the kitchen and rummaged round until I found the spiced rum. If the Kraken couldn’t save this cuppa, nothing could.

Hot chocolate

Well my friends, I regret to inform you that rum was wasted that day. Once I added it to the chocolate the whole thing just tasted boozy and watery and sweet. Barf.

Hot chocolate

So I went on an internet quest to find a home made hot chocolate recipe. When I saw smitten kitchen come up in the search results I knew I had found the answer. Deb has never failed me.

Hot chocolate

This recipe uses real Lindt dark chocolate, pulverized with cocoa powder and real vanilla bean seeds, as well as the obligatory sugar. And the secret ingredient…a smidgen of sea salt!

Hot chocolate

You can make the mix ahead of time and just add it to hot milk (not water…duh, Soph).

I am partial to mint chocolate on occasion, so adding some creme de menthe was a neat way to get that minty flavour while making the hot chocolate tipsy! But totally optional of course.

hot chocolate

Sooooo good. Velvety, sweet and with a real chocolatey flavour. Finally I can snuggle in with my book and my cocoa and be at peace. The best thing about this mix is you can make small batches and use it up in a timely manner rather than letting a huge can of the stuff go all hard and stale like I did with my store bought mix.

Here’s the recipe!

Hot chocolate


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