Korean tacos

I am a relative newcomer to the mysterious world of Korean cuisine. Honestly, my first encounter was at one of those Korean BBQ places where you have to cook all of your own food, and they bring you the  condiments. While intriguing at first, the appeal wore off pretty quickly as we watched our uncooked bits of meat sizzle almost immediately into overcooked bits of meat.

Korean tacos

I almost dismissed Korean food after that experience, but luckily I gave it another chance and was totally blown away by a homestyle Korean stew called galbi jjim. I loved the flavours and spices!

Korean tacos

So my love affair with Korean food began….but i have never returned to the BBQ place.

Korean tacos

Instead I started to explore at home. I sought out some gochujang at my fave Asian market. It is a sweet and spicy chili paste that is deep red in colour and tastes like no other chili paste on earth.

Korean tacos

And don’t even get me started on kimchi. I put it in everything now. You would be surprised how well it goes with cheese. Think of a reuben with tangy sauerkrut and melty cheese. Got it? Kimchi is basically just a variation of sauerkraut with thrilling chilis. Now think of kimchi with melty cheese. Mmm, stay tuned for more on that, my friends. *rubs hands together with glee*

Korean tacos

So, what does any of this have to do with tacos, you ask? Well, lately I have been glued to Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown. It’s a travel show with a focus on regional food, produced surprisingly by CNN of all people…er…media conglomerates. It is beautifully filmed, and Tony is his usual wry self. In one episode he visits Los Angeles and Roy Choi, a Korean-American chef who basically pioneered the food truck industry there. The movement became so popular it spread to the rest of North America and now has a huge cult foodie following in every major city.

Korean tacos

And guess what that L.A. food truck specializes in? Korean-Mexican fusion. Mmmm. The tastes of Korea in the shape of Mexican foods. Could anything be more mouth watering?

Korean tacos

I made some flour tortillas from scratch, whipped up a kimchi, purple carrot and cabbage slaw, then slung that on top some spicy bulgogi beef. I topped it off with scallions and enoki mushrooms, and drizzled it all with kimchi mayo and a sprinkling of sesame seeds. I am proud to say I dreamed up this combination on my own, but I wouldn’t be surprised if someone else on the interwebs has already done it (I’m looking at you, Roy Choi).

Korean tacos

Here are the recipes!

Home-made flour tortillas
Bulgogi beef
Cabbage, purple carrot and kimchi slaw
Kimchi mayo

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