Lemon curd cake

Lemon curd cake

I know what you’re thinking: “Soph has gone mad! Making a dessert?! How very unlike her.”


It is true, I don’t do a lot of desserts or sweets. Either on the blog or in real life.


I am just not much of a cake person. I’ll take a cheese plate over a chocolate lava cake any day.

Lemon curd

And if I do suddenly and inexplicably crave something sweet, it is usually on the fruity side of the dessert spectrum, as opposed to the chocolate or whipped cream side.

Making the batter

In one such uncharacteristic episode, I bought a lemon curd cake from the grocery store when I was impulse shopping on an empty stomach.

Lemon curd cake

And it was pretty good, with some devon cream and fresh blueberries.

Lemon curd cake

It had a crumbly crusty top and a custardy inside, and the lemon flavour was spectacular.

Lemon curd cake

The next time I wanted it I checked the same area in the store and it was nowhere to be found. Ever again.

Lemon curd cake

I went back a few times and it was never there. Sadly, I accepted my fate that I was never to have that lemon curd cake again.

Lemon curd cake

But then…I realized I was being ridiculous. I am a cook, and a sometimes baker. And I’m good at it!

Lemon curd cake

There’s no reason I couldn’t make a simple lemon curd cake from scratch.

Lemon curd cake

It was pretty easy. The hardest part was making the lemon curd. I followed a recipe I found online that didn’t use butter, I didn’t think it needed that kind of richness.

Lemon curd cake

And about an hour later I had it, my precious lemon curd cake. I suppose you could call it a coffee cake, but I served it as dessert after dinner.

Here’s the recipe!

Lemon curd cake


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One Comment on “Lemon curd cake”

  1. bec {daisy and the fox}
    April 15, 2014 at 3:38 am #

    lemon curd is totally one of my favourite things and this sounds like such a delicious way to bake with it!
    I’m glad you went ahead and cooked this sweet, or else i’d never have this recipe! 😛

    Daisy and the Fox

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