A study in spinotta

In my books, pizza is the food of the gods. Thin crust, thick crust, stuffed crust, it doesn’t matter. All pizza is divine.


But one cannot live on pizza alone if one does not intend to slip into the oblivion of obesity. One cannot consume delicious carbs, bubbly melted cheese and savoury meats for lunch every day. Sigh. Instead, we glumly direct our lunchtime attentions to the salad bar, picking listlessly at sprigs of spinach.


But sometimes – we can have pizza, right? Once a week won’t kill us, will it?


When Pizzaiolo opened across the street from my work I felt both excitement and dread. Until then I had managed to bring healthy, vegetable rich lunches to work and avoid the lure of “restaurant row”. I thought that my favourite pizza take-out place would entice me just too much when it was right there, waving its delectable and reasonably priced slices right in my face.


But when my willpower finally collapsed and I stole across the street and into its heavenly aroma of baking dough, I saw it. The spinotta. A healthy pizza! It had spinach, herbs and tomatoes, and even a whole wheat crust option! I could eat this guilt-free! If I didn’t dwell too heavily on the mozzarella and ricotta cheeses sitting atop its verdant slices.


So, my weekly “indulgence” became the spinotta. I loved it so much I decided to make it at home.


I observed that Pizzaiolo’s whole wheat crust was superior to my own. However, I preferred to really pile on the spinach for my homemade version. I wanted lots and lots of spinach. You know, for health. This pizza is surprisingly delicious, despite its simplicity and lack of meat. But hey, you gotta get your vegetables somewhere, right? Might as well be on a pizza.


Here’s the recipe!

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