Week 10

Week 10 in my 52 Random Weeks project was the easiest yet, because my random word was:

Week 10: FurryThere just happens to be a very furry labradoodle running around my house at all times. Well, sleeping around the house at all times is more like it. My dog is a second generation Australian labradoodle, which means both his parents were Australian labradoodles. It is not really an official breed, but I think people are trying to make it one. It really has nothing to do with Australia except that the dude that “invented” the dog is Australian. He was trying to get a service dog who would have the smarts and training capabilities of a lab, yet the hypo-allergenic qualities of a standard poodle. I recall reading an article in which the inventor of the labradoodle regretted how popular they had become and the resulting “fad” of designer mutts that followed. I for one don’t care about all that. I didn’t seek out a labradoodle, he just happened upon my life and I adopted him because he needed a new home. And I couldn’t ask for a more loveable, loyal and trouble-making friend.

Week 10  Furry

So, anyway, my dog has the weirdest, most fun fur I’ve ever seen in a dog. He does not shed like other dogs, which is really nice, and almost never gets stinky. In the summer we cut his fur down super short and he looks almost like a skinny pointer of some kind. But in the winter, we let it grow long, and that’s where you can really start to see the curlicues and wooly fur tubes that come out. Above, see how he has these long wavy bits.

And here he has these tubular curls. Fur tubes.

Week 10 Furry

You are supposed to brush this type of fur out until it is smooth and fluffy and uncurled, but I am rather resistant to that.

Week 10 Furry

I like his curls and curlicues. We do have to keep an eye out for matting, though, which can happen very easily if his fur gets wet, which it does – a lot. Remember snow dog?

Week 10 furry

Here we can see the unusual colour of his fur. It is grey and light brown, but gets reddish towards the ends when it is long. He just shook which is why there is dust floating around everywhere. Anyway, I’m sure that’s enough fur for now.

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