Breaking eggs beneduck

This post is not really about breaking eggs. Well actually, there were some eggs broken in the process of preparing the brunch pictured herein, but it was done as humanely as possible.

Duck eggs

This post is about the original Soph n’ Stuff creation I shall henceforth refer to as “Eggs Beneduck”. And it is Breaking because I prepared this dish in celebration (or mourning) of the series finale of Breaking Bad.

Duck eggs

Yes, I know, I’m a little late getting this posted. 3 months late, actually. I’m not the most “on the ball” blogger, okay? You still love me, right?

Duck eggs

Of course you do. Because without me you never would have known about Eggs Beneduck.Hollanduck sauce

This recipe took a while to “cure”, as it were. Why, you ask? Because it took a week or so to make my very own duck prosciutto.

Duck prosciutto

A friend of mine is allergic to eggs and woefully bemoaned all of the delicious brunch dishes she was missing out on. Until, she discovered recently that she was not allergic to duck eggs and began buying them in bulk every week at the St. Lawrence market. They are almost exactly the same as chicken eggs in taste, and of course can substitute for any recipe that calls for a chicken egg. As I had just started my duck prosciutto the idea sprang to mind of a duck-based Eggs Benedict, so I asked her to pick me up a dozen.

Duck eggs, while very similar in taste, are slightly different texturally than chicken eggs. They have a thicker shell, and are higher in fat than chicken eggs. Think of the duck itself, its body has more fat than a chicken because it needs to stay afloat in water, so it would make sense that its eggs have more fat.

Supposedly they are higher in nutrients and good fats such as Omega 3, but that would of course depend on what the ducks were eating when they were laying the eggs. The same goes for chickens, if they are fed a free-range diet of grass, insects and scavenged grains as nature intended – they will be more nutrient-rich. If farmed ducks are fed antibiotic-laced dry grain feed, they will probably have crappy eggs just like most large-scale chicken egg operations.

I observed – when trying to separate the duck eggs – that they are tougher in their raw form than chicken eggs. It was some work trying to get the yolk to separate from the white! While cupping the white and yolk in one hand, I had to pull the yolk out of the white with the fingertips of my other hand, it didn’t just separate on its own. And the yolk didn’t break! It took a fork to pop it.

Wow, that was a lot of rambling about eggs.

Breaking Bad

Back to Breaking Bad. Cheesler and I have been avid fans of the show since the very first episode, and because we don’t have cable, we were never able to watch it live as it aired. So we would download it the next day and watch it on Monday evenings. When the series was nearing its end, we had to impose an absolute internet, radio and newspaper blackout on ourselves throughout the day after each episode, until we could get home and watch it. We refused to be exposed to any spoilers. Well, I am happy to say that we each had the day off work, the Monday after the final episode. And we celebrated with mimosas and Eggs Beneduck for brunch, after which we solemnly settled in on the couch at 10 in the morning to bid farewell to Breaking Bad.

Cheddar and sage biscuits

Every benedict needs a carby base, and I thought some home-made aged white cheddar and sage biscuits would suit the job perfectly.

Cheddar and sage biscuits

Then, I sliced my duck prosciutto real thin-like and placed it on the biscuits.

Duck prosciutto

I topped that with a poached duck egg, and spooned fresh duck hollandaise sauce over top of it all. A sprog or two of arugula later, and brunch was served.

Eggs beneduck

Mmmm. Eggs Beneduck!

Eggs beneduck

Quack quack! This was delicious and totally worth the tiny bit of extra effort. An excellent meal to fortify us for what was coming next – the conclusion of the story of Heisenburg.

Eggs beneduck

Here are the recipes!

Aged white cheddar and sage biscuits
Duck prosciutto
Eggs Beneduck with Hollanduck sauce
Eggs beneduck

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