52 Random Weeks Project: Week 1

Welcome to the first post in my 52 Random Weeks photography project! As you may recall, I completed a 365 Days project last year. It was fun, but I have decided to embark on a more interpretive and hopefully creative project in 2014. I will take and post one photo per week which represents a random word generated by this online tool.

This week’s word was:

VacuousOooh, vacuous. The word means mindless, showing a lack of thought or intelligence. The first thing that springs to mind for me are those haute couture fashion models in magazines whose eyes do not connect to the camera but are gazing off into some unknown space. Some unknown…vacuum?

But then I saw these creepy Christmas cardboard cutouts that my town erected in a public area, presumably in the hopes of spreading holiday cheer. To me, they just look…vacuous.


What about you, my photography buff readers? Are you starting any creative projects in the new year? Do share…!


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