Stuffed turban squash

The turban squash. Have you ever seen such a weird looking vegetable? Weird, yet…handsome?

Turban squash

Yes, the turban squash is a most handsome and exotic heirloom with dazzling colours and a light, nutty flavour. I was almost sad to cut and eat this squash as it made such a lovely autumnal addition to my table’s centrepiece.

Turban squash

The sadness quickly turned to irritation and agony when I discovered how difficult it was to cut through the seam connecting the plump base to the bumpy top of the squash. These little bumps must be made of titanium!

Titanium bumps

Do you ever take a moment to think about how amazing nature is? This little seed somehow used sunlight, water and trace nutrients in dirt to sprout and grow a fruit that has parts as hard and impenetrable as stone?

Turban squash

And how did the first person to eat a turban squash decide it could be edible? Oh look, a bulbous growth on the ground that is wildly emblazoned with “warning” colours. Welp, guess this is dinner! Honey, fetch my bludgeon.

Turban squash

I often wonder that about many foods. How they came to considered food rather than random gross nature stuff. Like sea urchins. And truffles. And the most obvious foods, like eggs. Hey, let’s try to eat that thing that just came outta that chicken butt! Any anthropologists want to weigh in here?

Turban squash

Anyway, back to the important issue here: I took this gorgeous gourd and stuffed it with gastronomic goodies, after which I gulped it down with much gusto. Home-made herb bread, pork sausage from my cousin’s farm, sage, thyme, apples, carrots, onions and garlic.

Turban squash

I sauteed the vegetables and apple in turkey schmaltz. That’s right. Then I added the sausage and herbs, and eventually the cubed bread.

Turban squash

To soften it all up I tipped in a dash of apple cider. The squash needed to be roasted on its own for about 30 minutes until it was fork tender.

Turban squash

Then the stuffing went in and it was all topped off with freshly grated parmesan cheese.

Turban squash

Mmmmm. This was so tasty and comforting. Turban squash, as I mentioned earlier, has a pleasant nutty flavour and a mealy texture.

Turban squash

A perfect accompaniment to the flavours in the stuffing.

Turban squash

Here’s the recipe!

Turban squash


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