365 Days Project: Completed

My 365 Days Project is complete! Let’s celebrate! This is photo # 365 of 365:


On January 1, 2013, I started a 365 Project, which consisted of taking and publishing a photo (to Flickr) every day for one year.


I had tried this project once before in 2010, and gave up after about 2 months.


In 2013, I stuck with it for an entire year. 12 whole months of daily photos.


The purpose of the project was to inspire creativity…


And to to force myself to take photos regularly! Also, it is neat to see how the seasons changed through the lens of my camera. And the progression of River’s haircuts.


Now that the year is done, I have some thoughts on the project.


I did find myself being inspired to take more photos, and not just of food. Although food was a common subject in my 365 photos.


But after about 6 months I found myself becoming less interested and less creative with my daily photos. It was weirdly restricting.


Some days I would almost forget, and just take a “filler” photo of whatever was nearby just to fill the requirements of the project.


So this year I am going to switch to a weekly photo project.


The weekly project will be more interpretive. I will be taking numerous photos per week (which I always do anyway), but will try to create an image that represents a randomly generated word from this online tool.


Weird, huh? I know, I know. But I am hoping it will force me to put more thought into the photos I am taking. Wish me luck! I will see you back here in a week (if not sooner).



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