New England style lobster rolls

I love lobster. Love love love it!

Lobster rolls

But who doesn’t, really? Actually, Cheesler is not a big lobster guy, but he will eat it if it’s in front of him.

Lobster rolls

Eastern Canada has an abundant lobster industry.

Lobster rolls

Lobster season is typically June, July and August. This year I decided I would endeavor to get fresh, in-season lobster as much as possible. How I would love to go to Nova Scotia someday and have fresh off-the-boat lobster. I can only dream.

Lobster rolls

Having said that, I also wouldn’t mind heading south to try the New England lobster. New England, of course, is where this famous sandwich originates from. It started off being sold from carts on the street with nothing but drawn butter, and has evolved to a super-fancy and satisfying restaurant menu item.

Lobster rolls

Did you know, in the early 20th century, lobster was considered a “poor man’s” food? In fact, there were rules about how many pounds of lobster could be provided to prisoners by law. Too much was considered cruel and unusual punishment.

Lobster rolls

It was plentiful and cheap, generally processed in canneries and shipped all over North America. It became more of a delicacy when people discovered how delicious fresh whole lobster was, and the demand for live lobsters increased. Now, of course, it is the poster child for decadence.

Lobster rolls

My local Sobey’s is kind enough to steam live lobsters in store while you shop. This is perfect for me, as I lack the urge to kill crustaceans. I do not lack the urge to eat them, however.

Lobster rolls

I planned on getting two big lobsters, but when I got there, there was only one left in the tank. So I grabbed a container of crab meat as well, and decided to make lobster rolls and crab rolls. NBD. I was surprised and delighted to find that Sobey’s carried “New England style” hot dog buns, which are the exact ones needed for the traditional Maine lobster roll. They are funnily shaped, kind of flat on the sides, and perfect for grilling. Huzzah!

Lobster rolls

Knowing me, I did not pass up the opportunity to make a delicious lobster stock from the shells. Coming soon: lobster bisque!

And here is the recipe for New-England style Lobster Rolls.

Lobster rolls

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2 Comments on “New England style lobster rolls”

  1. vnvie
    July 14, 2013 at 8:05 pm #

    Love lobster rolls! They remind of relaxing, summer days by the water.


  1. Lobster bisque | Soph n' Stuff - July 20, 2013

    […] maybe $15. For water stewed with crustacean scraps. Ridiculous. So naturally when I was done making New England style Lobster Rolls recently, I popped the shells into a pot and simmered them down with some flavouring vegetables, to […]

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