Courgette carbonara

Ever since I began my adventures in pasta-making, I have stuck to the simpler pasta shapes.

Pasta rolled out

You know: ravioli, spaghetti, papardelle.

Rolled into squares

I have somewhat dreaded venturing into the more complicated shapes. Like penne, or fusilli.

Rolling the pasta

Personally, I have no idea how anyone could make home-made fusilli. It will remain a mystery for now.


When I went to google home-made penne, I was confused that the word “garganelli” kept coming up.


Apparently, the term for home-made penne is in fact garganelli – as it is also “impossible” to make penne without some kind of fancy pasta pressing and cutting machine.


Garganelli is made by cutting little squares of pasta dough, then rolling them around a narrow object into a tube. I used a small clean wooden dowel, well coated in flour, of course.

Home made bacon

Good enough for my purposes!


It was easy enough, but took a long time to roll out each little pasta tube. It took me almost an hour to do this many. I can see how hand-rolling pasta every day would really help you cut down on your carb intake. It is so much work!


I wanted to utilize my newest pasta adventure with the first recipe in which I planned to use my home-made bacon.


Naturally, my mind settled on a Jamie Oliver recipe for carbonara that is one of my go-to weeknight dinners.

Egg mixed with parmesan

Fresh zucchini or summer squash (or courgettes, as the British call them) cut into similar shapes as the pasta.

Cooking dinner

Fresh thyme from my garden. Freshly grated parmesan cheese. Eggs from the farm.


And the bacon. Never forget the bacon.

Cooking dinner

I am coming to realize that this is my style of cooking and eating. Really simple, wholesome dishes that are made with good quality ingredients.

Cooking dinner

I made the garganelli on a sunday afternoon, and allowed them to dry overnight so I could make the carbonara for a monday night dinner.

Cooking dinner

When it came time to cook, the only thing I needed to do was cut up the zucchini and bacon.

Cooking dinner

The sauce for carbonara is made by adding beaten eggs slowly to your cooked pasta, alternating with some starchy pasta water to create a light, silky sauce. It can be a bit tricky tossing everything around while trying to slowly pour eggs into the pan. It takes some practice, but I have made this so many times I have quite the knack for it.

Adding the pasta

Jamie demonstrates things perfectly in this video, which is actually responsible for the moment I first discovered an urge to cook great simple food. He makes a terrible mess of his kitchen, which I also tend to do. My meal is not complete unless there is a stupendous aftermath for Cheesler to deal with.

Courgette carbonara

He is so adorable, puttering around in his garden with his English accent. Jamie, that is. Cheesler does enjoy a garden putter but has no English accent. But that’s not why I love this recipe.

Courgette carbonara

I love the simplicity of it. You know…just throw like, a handful of parmesan cheese in there. It’s okay.

Courgette carbonara

Cut the zucchini different shapes, that’s no problem. Just roll with it. This is such an intensely satisfying meal. In fact, Cheesler stated that this was the best courgette carbonara I’ve made so far! Here’s the recipe.

Courgette carbonara


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