What I see from my back porch

The writer of one of my favourite blogs, The Kitchen’s Garden, recently invited her readers to submit a photo of the view from their back porch. I note with glee that one of the views from her back porch includes “Sophie’s Garden”.

View from my back porch

This is the view from my back porch. The planters we just built and filled with soil, the burgeoning garden, my herb pots. And look at that green green grass! It’s so nice that the glacier covering the back yard is now gone.

The Kitchen’s Garden blog is about the daily life of a sustainable farm in Illinois, and she has such a lovely and eloquent writing style, I am so excited every morning when I see a new post. So I thought I would join in! Hopefully my photo makes it in to the batch.

If you have a few moments, head on over to the farmy and have a read! If you’re like me you will likely end up staying there for a few hours 🙂


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    […] Soph ‘n Stuff has built some new planters for her garden. […]

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