Smoked salmon and dill perogies

Finally, this is it.

Smoked salmon perogies

The culmination of my perogie opus.

All of the fillings

Four kinds. Of home-made perogies. In one day. Six hours of work.

Smoked salmon

Which I have cunningly split into four new blog posts!


It’s all for you, my dear readers. And well, it is my hobby so I guess it’s for me too. And for Cheesler, he gets to eat my hobby.

Salmon filling

I absolutely LOVE the combination of salmon and dill.

Salmon perogies

Add some capers, dill and cream cheese, wrap it all up into a little package and fry it up…

Perogie day

Baby, you got yourself a meal.

Smoked salmon perogies

I served these perogies with the mandatory sour cream…and what else but more fresh dill?

Smoked salmon perogies

This was actually my favourite recipe of the four I made that day.

Smoked salmon perogies

Being a food blogger is not always easy, especially when you are relying on your photography subject to be your dinner shortly thereafter. You get hungry. You cook and cook and cook and you stop to take pictures and when its finally ready, you take more pictures. You take extra care because it has to be pretty. You can’t just slop it onto a plate. There have been times when I had to stop and just eat, because I was so hungry my hands were shaking and the pictures weren’t coming out sharp. After prepping all day, making fillings and stuffing perogies, I cooked each batch individually, then took each batch to my “studio” area for its glamour shots. Once the pictures were taken, Cheesler and I would hunch over each plate, forks in hand, scarfing everything down as fast we could. Fast, because the next batch was cooking on the stove and I didn’t want them to burn. Not a very romantic dinner.

Smoked salmon perogies

But these are the things you learn as you go along. Don’t overdo it!

Smoked salmon perogies

Ok, that’s enough griping about my hobby now. Please, enjoy the recipe!

Smoked salmon and dill perogies

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