The lady is a lumberjack

Recently, I spent a weekend in Edmonton for a family wedding. When our hosts were out of the house for the day, there was not much to do other than watch TV.


We don’t have Cable TV in the Soph n’ Stuff household. We disconnected it years ago when we realized that we were paying 150 bucks a month to watch nothing but the Food Network and Seinfeld re-runs. We have never regretted our decision. We have Netflix and online streaming to keep up with our favourite shows, and that is good enough.


That’s not to say I wouldn’t sit raptly in front of the TV for hours at someone else’s house, given the opportunity. And this particular weekend, I had an entire day to watch the Food Network. Like, 8 solid hours of nothing but Food Network. I finally had to change the channel when they started repeating the same shows they had played earlier that afternoon. But it was okay, because then we watched the Walking Dead and it was awesome.


During this 8 hour marathon, I had the pleasure of viewing a particular episode of “You Gotta Eat Here!” which is basically the Canadian version of “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives”. It featured Edgar restaurant, an up and coming bistro-type restaurant in Gatineau, Quebec. The charming chef/owner, Marisol, showed the host how she prepared several of their famous brunches. Among them, was La Bucheronne.

St. Paulin Cheese

It means “Lady Lumberjack”.

Cheese and shallots

I was entranced. An adorable plate made up of a potato and celery root gratin…


Popovers fresh from the oven…

In goes the cream

Poached eggs…

Potato and Celeriac Gratin

Maple caramelized bacon…

Pork belly

Baked beans with smoked pork…


And lovely fresh salad greens.

The lady lumberjack

As soon as I saw it, I knew I would have to recreate this at home.

Baked beans

There was another dish featured immediately after La Bucheronne that included pork belly, slow roasted with brown sugar and apple juice, the caramelized with more brown sugar.

La bucheronne

I decided to make the best of both these ideas and roasted the pork belly as above, then basted it well with maple syrup and brown sugar, to get that maple-y flavour. Oh so Québécois!

Maple caramelized pork belly

I did not make a home-made batch of baked beans. I did take a short cut and used canned baked beans, and added maple syrup and pork belly to them, before baking them with a brown sugar and kosher salt topping.

Poached eggs on popovers

After all, it was a Sunday morning and I didn’t want to exert myself too much, after having laboured over gratin and pork belly.

The lady lumberjack

Cheesler was so excited when he learned I was making an elaborate brunch. If there’s anything that man loves, it’s a hearty breakfast on the weekend.

Baked beans

His excitement dulled slightly after the third hour of my puttering around the kitchen. The gratin itself was baked low and slow for 2 hours to achieve ultimate potato and cheese crustiness heaven.

La bucheronne

But he certainly perked up when, after four straight hours, I plunked this beaut in front of him. “They call it…the lady lumberjack”, I sighed as I collapsed, exhausted, into my chair and took a long swig of my mimosa.

La bucheronne

The video from the show is definitely worth a watch, if nothing more than to compare it to my copycat of La Bucheronne. I will definitely be trying the other recipes featured, such as the Baby Dutch and the Huevos Rancheros. And I promise that if I am ever in Gatineau, I will have brunch at this cafe. And you should too! It looks divine.

La bucheronne

Here are the recipes I was able to recreate based on what was shown on YGEH or otherwise found on the interwebs:

Maple caramelized pork belly
Potato and Celeriac Gratin
Bucheronne Featured

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