Hasselback potatoes


Hassenback potaotes



Hasselback potatoes


Hasselback potatoes

Potatoes make a delicious side dish no matter what. But have you ever tried them Hasselback? It is the Swedish way.

Hasselback potatoes

It’s like a deliciously sinful combination of fried and baked potatoes.

Hasselback potatoes

You prop your whole potatoes between two well-worn wooden kitchen spoons and slice them accordion-style almost all of the way through. I used Annabelle potatoes here, apparently they’re the new rage in the potato world.

Hasselback potatoes

Then, my dears, you put a slice of butter into each slice. You can use a vegetable peeler to make thin little slices from a stick of butter. Then you bake them in the oven, basting with the melted butter occasionally, until they are crisp and tender all at the same time.

Hasselback potatoes

The best of both worlds. Here’s the recipe!

Hasselback potatoes

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