Beans and rice…it’s very nice!

Did you know black beans are called turtle beans?

Black turtle beans

I’m not really sure why. I suppose they look a little turtle-ey.

Black turtle beans

They definitely don’t taste turtle-ey, however. Well, I’ve never tasted turtle so I wouldn’t know if they taste like black beans or vice versa. But they taste goooooood. Beans, that is, not turtles.

The elements of flavour

Especially when they are slowly simmered with Cuban spices and pork bellies for several hours.

Simmering away for hours

Frijoles Negros!

Frijoles negros

As part of my recreation of the fabulous meal I had at Doña Carmela in Havana, black beans had to be one of the stars.

Arroz blanco

I made this recipe with dried black turtle beans. As the flavour comes from low slow cooking, canned just wouldn’t do.

Beans and rice!

You may find yourself surprised at the accompanying recipe for arroz blanco – white rice – that I found to go with these frijoles negros. You start the rice cooking in garlicky oil, then add water and simmer. I’ve never made rice this way before, but that extra little step with the garlic made such a big difference. The opposite of blah.

Beans and rice!

Apart from the time involved, this recipe is easy as uno, dos, tres!

Cuban feastHere are the recipes!

Cuban Black Beans (Frijole Negros)
Cuban Rice (Arroz Blanco)

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