I would do anything for loaf. Especially meatloaf with bacon mustard sauce.

I have a confession. I…have a problem.

Meatloaf with bacon mustard sauce

I am a mustard hoarder.

I recently did a count of all the bottles of mustard I have in the fridge or on standby in the pantry. There were ten. Ten bottles of mustard, ranging from your basic “prepared yellow” to Dijon to Creole.

Mustard muster

Just look at those mustards muster. Actually, I was a little surprised when I counted them. I thought I had more. Time to stock up!

Kozlik's Grainy Creole

My most recent trip to Kozlik’s was an exercise in self-restraint. A futile exercise. Cheesler, upon discovering my intended pilgrimage, warned me sternly to buy a single bottle and leave immediately. I boldly assured him I would do just so, berating him for his blatant distrust. But…then I got there. And…and they had all the little samples out. With the pretzel sticks. And the little bits of pork chops they grill up so you can sample away to your heart’s desire.

Cooking the bacon

An interesting nugget from Kozlik’s web site: Canada produces over 90% of the world’s mustard! I had no idea. All this time I thought we were only famous for poutine and beavers. Apparently, there is more to this vast country of canucks than meets the eye.


Back to the story. I came home, bag clinking suspiciously and drooping heavily to the floor. I tried to slink past Cheesler to the basement, where I could hide my preciouses before he discovered how many I had purchased. But he was hot on my heels. After a brief scuffle, I collapsed in resignation while he plucked each bottle from the bag.

Instant floor cleaner

“Sweet Russian!” he exclaimed, incredulous, “Grainy Creole…Tarragon Four and….Lime & Honey! Sophie! Four? Really?”

Mini meatloaf

Suddenly belligerent, I explained that you can either pay $6 for one bottle or $20 for four. The numbers…they don’t lie!

Meatloaf with bacon mustard sauce

So, long story short, I gots me lots of mustard, mmkay? Which leads to this recipe for meatloaf with bacon mustard sauce.

Meatloaf with bacon mustard sauce

Cheesler had been begging me to make meatloaf recently. In the past, all I served it with was a splash of spicy ketchup on top. I would do anything for loaf, but I won’t do that…again. I thought a mustard sauce would be a nice little something different, and Kozlik’s Grainy Creole would be perfect for the job. And we had some good thick smoky bacon, why not throw that in?

Meatloaf with bacon mustard sauce

I thought I was so clever to cook the meatloaf in ramekins. It’ll be so cute, I thought to myself, just imagine all the cute little meatloafies.

Mini meatloaf

I had forgotten that meatloaf shrinks when it is cooked, so they came out a little warped and not at all like I expected. More like meatlumps. Back to the drawing board for next time…

Meatloaf with bacon mustard sauce

But the flavour was spot on with the bacon mustard sauce. And for once, Cheesler didn’t reach for the ketchup bottle.

Meatloaf with bacon mustard sauce

My mustard sins were immediately forgiven.

Here’s the recipe!


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2 Comments on “I would do anything for loaf. Especially meatloaf with bacon mustard sauce.”

  1. February 12, 2013 at 8:24 pm #

    I had no idea that you and i were so akin with our love of mustard. i probably have 5-7 jars of different mustards on the go myself. mmmmmmmmmmmustard!!!!!!
    love mustard.

  2. February 12, 2013 at 7:39 pm #

    oh wow looks just yum

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