A week of make-ahead meals: Day 4 Hominy enchiladas

Hominy, hominy, hominy.

Hominy enchiladas

I only recently discovered hominy, which is the dried version of Maize, which is the Central/South American cousin of corn. The kernels are dried and then subjected to some sort of alkali process that stops them from sprouting in storage. It has been used in Mexico probably since the beginning of time, and is one of the oldest known agricultural crops in the Western Hemisphere. It is not much like the sweet corn we are used to in Canada. Is has a kind of prehistoric look to it – the kernels are huge and bulbous and white, and are not sweet at all. Have you ever tasted a fresh white corn tortilla? It has that kind of flavour.

Juanita's Hominy

I discovered Hominy, unlike the European settlers, in my local grocery store’s “mexican foods” aisle. It was in a can, and I was intrigued, so I bought some.

Hominy enchiladas

So today I bring you: Hominy Enchiladas

Hominy enchiladas

Enchiladas are a staple in the Soph n’ Stuff household. They are the perfect marriage of a burrito and a baked casserole. Usually I make them on a Friday night so that the leftover filling can be used in some sort of brunch capacity over the weekend.

Hominy enchiladas

On Saturday night, I whipped up a batch of these Hominy Enchiladas. In anticipation of my make-ahead meal week, instead of saving the filling for brunch, I just made a second batch. I have a great enchilada recipe that I adapted from Simply Recipes and that can be used as a template for many different versions, such as leftover turkey enchiladas, beef enchiladas, chicken…you get the idea.

In the interest of making a vegetarian version, I thought Hominy would make a nice meat substitute. It is hearty and robust and flavourful, and has a lovely chewy texture that I can’t quite describe.

Cole slaw with a mexican twist

On the Soph n’ Stuff scale of effort (1 being cheez whiz toast; 10 being Martha Stewart thanksgiving with mini painted pumpkin place settings), this make-ahead meal is a 2. You take your dish of enchiladas. You place it in the oven. You wait 25 minutes until it is heated through and all melty and bubbly on top. You remove from the oven and devour immediately.

Hominy enchiladas

I like to serve enchiladas with guacamole and lime, and maybe with a little cole slaw side salad.

Hominy enchiladas

Here’s the recipe!

Hominy enchiladas


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