A week of make-ahead meals: Day 2 Roasted Eggplant Stew

Roasted eggplant stew

So, you think every meal prepared in the Soph n’ Stuff kitchen is rich and meat-laden? Think again.

Roasting veggies

I usually save the fancy meaty meals for the weekends, when my “joie de vivre” for cooking is in full swing.


For most lunches and some weeknights, I am happy to have something vegetarian, much to Cheesler’s chagrin.


Today on Day 2 of a week of make-ahead meals: Roasted eggplant stew.

Roasting veggies

I like eggplant because of its meaty texture and hearty flavour. The recipe I found called for curry powder, but I felt that with its Moroccan leanings, my Za’atar spice blend would be more appropriate.


Did I ever tell you the story of the Za’atar? Cheesler went to Istanbul on business, and asked what I wanted him to bring back for me. I said Za’atar because I knew it would be fresh and readily available at the market in Istanbul. When Cheesler returned, he presented me with a 1 kilogram vacuum-sealed block of it. I am amazed he made it back through customs with this thing. With its greenish bud-like, and leafy appearance.

Roasted garlic

Everything in this stew is roasted. Except the water. You can’t roast water, silly.

Roasting veggies

Yup, the tomatoes, chickpeas, carrots, garlic and eggplant were all roasted together on Sunday afternoon, and the juices that emerged from the tomatoes provided the liquid needed to turn this mishmash of vegetables into a stew.

Make ahead eggplant stew

On the Soph n’ Stuff scale of effort, this make-ahead meal is easily a 2. Heat on stove-top, garnish with cilantro and serve with some warm pita bread. You could even add a dollop of cumin-scented yogourt for good measure.

Roasted eggplant stew

Not only is this recipe low in fat and high in nutrients, it is cheap cheap cheap! This meal served two of us for dinner (with leftovers for lunch) for under $6.00.

Roasted eggplant stew

Here’s the recipe!


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