Or rather, “enjoy your meal!”

Poach pods

Which is what you’re going to do if you try this inspired brunch.

Colourful potatoes

Your typical eggs benedict has four components: a carbohydrate base, a meat, an egg, and a sauce.

Fried sourdough bread

I love messing around with this composition. You may recall my twist on eggs benedict crossed with huevos rancheros.


Oh wow, just linking back to that old post made me cringe internally. Not at the recipe, but the photography. I have come a long long way, my friends.

Polish sausage

Anyway, this morning I had some polish sausage, which I do enjoy fried. And I had some nice sourdough bread.

Fried bread with polish sausage

And, dear readers, I had some beer.

DAB Beer

Ok, it wasn’t polish beer, but it was german. Close enough, right?

Usually I alter hollandaise sauce somehow to fit the dish I plan on smothering. Say, add some chipotle, or something like that. But this time I thought it might be neat to make a a kind of polish beer sauce. To accompany the polish sausage, you see.

Polish eggs benedict

So, today, my inspired brunch is a “polish” eggs benedict, made with fried sourdough bread, polish sausage, a poached egg, and a polish beer sauce.

Polish eggs benedict

Served alongside what else but potatoes and fresh cucumbers. Polish staplefoods.

Potatoes and cucumbers

So, will you try this combination? The beer sauce was actually quite a bit lighter than hollandaise, and used much less butter.

Polish eggs benedict

Here’s the Polish Beer Sauce recipe!


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