Veal chops with balsamic glaze

Veal chops with balsamic glaze

Balsamic glaze. Say these two words and my mouth starts watering like Pavlov’s dog. So sweet, tart and…balsamic-y.

Brussels sprouts

I have had veal chops in a restaurant before (specifically, Mesa Grill in Las Vegas), but have never made them at home. They look fancy, but they are really simple to cook. And they are quite reasonably priced, compared to my usual beef indulgence which is a PEI grass-fed Ribeye, which goes for about $28 per steak.

Veal chops

I picked up these babies at La Boucherie for $13.99 a pound. Not bad! They’re closer in texture to a pork chop than a steak. But they have the tenderness of really nice..well, young beef.

Making mushroom risotto

The story behind the veal chops is that I wanted to make a mushroom risotto, using up a tiny, microscopic nubbin of Boschetto al Tartufo leftover from both Antipasto night and Mushroom soup à la gratinée. I thought and thought about what would go well with such a rich side dish. Beef would be too heavy. Shrimp or fish…not quite right. Chicken? Meh.

Making veal chops

I also knew I wanted to do a balsamic glaze, the acidity of which would cut through the richness of the risotto. Suddenly, it struck me. Veal chops would be perfect! And they are just so pretty with their frenched bone.

Brussels sprouts

The brussels sprouts I just had lying around, and thought they would be an appropriate green thing to serve with my meat. Actually, I roasted them a little longer than I would have preferred, so they came out more brown than green.

Veal chops with balsamic glaze

This was a rather brown meal. But it tasted most excellent!

Mushroom risotto

And River thoroughly enjoyed being allowed to lick the bones after dinner. He has kind of a wild animal gleam in his eye, doesn’t he?

River enjoying a veal bone

Here’s the recipes!

Veal chops with balsamic glaze
Mushroom Risotto
Roasted brussels sprouts

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