A Tour of the Soph n’ Stuff Studio

A few of my loyal readers have asked for pictures of my new space. I’m not sure if I told you this, internet, but I moved into my first home last year (thus my brief blogging hiatus while getting everything moved in, fixed and set up). Cheesler and I bought an adorable century home in the heart of small-town Acton, Ontario. And let me tell you: it is indeed worth the drive. Or rather, the train, which is what I take.

So we’ve been painting and doing minor renovations and making plans for our garden this spring.

The best part of this house is: the HUGE kitchen.

Soph n' Stuff Kitchen

Feast your eyes on this space. It is somewhat strangely laid out, but I love it. We need a bigger table, as you can see. See the subway-tile backsplash? Me and my mom did that together. My mom is a home-renovating maven.

Soph n' Stuff Kitchen

The peculiar placing of the range right next to the doorway into the back room is actually an advantage for food photography. I can stand with my camera on the left side of it and take action shots of food cooking in pans.

Soph n' Stuff Kitchen

Like this!

Soph n' Stuff Kitchen

And like this. See that painting on the far wall? The painting of peppers and garlic and olive oil? Yeah, I did that. Not only do I do food photography, I do food painting, too. And embroidery. But that’s another story.

Soph n' Stuff Kitchen

Here’s the view from the other side of the kitchen, facing the front door and the staircase, and peeking into the living room. Do you like my red accent wall? I did all the painting myself.

Soph n' Stuff Kitchen

And here’s the next room in the tour: the “back room”. This room is mostly for Cheesler’s purposes, but he graciously allowed me to use a corner for my photography, since there is such great light in here. So, I cook up my delicious creations…

Soph n' Stuff Studio

Then I scurry into my “studio” to take the photos. As you may know, bright red does not make for a good background in photography. We might paint this room. For now, I make do with black and white sheets. See that table? It is a work in progress – Cheesler found some old salvaged barn boards and went right ahead and built a table with them. It will go in the kitchen when it’s done, and will be a combination table/kitchen workspace. For now, it makes a fabulous surface for taking food photos on.

Soph n' Stuff Studio

Here’s some of my props and pretty dishes.

Soph n' Stuff Studio

Here is my fabulous speedlight flash, for when natural light just wont cut it. A birthday present from…you guessed it…my main man.

Soph n' Stuff Studio

Look at all that fabulous natural diffused light pouring in the windows. I should be down there taking photos right now! The snow outside definitely improves the quality of the light too.

Soph n' Stuff Studio

Ok, back through the kitchen door we go…

Soph n' Stuff Studio

And up the stairs to some sort of heavenly gate. Time to edit those photos I just finished taking.

Soph n' Stuff Studio

The upstairs hallway, where you’ll find…the door to my “office”! The green was there when we moved in. At first I hated it, then it grew on me. Now I love it! I might paint the far wall a different colour, like purple or something.

Soph n' Stuff Studio

Just as Cheesler has the big “back room” downstairs, I claimed one of the smaller bedrooms upstairs for my creative space. This is where I am allowed to decorate as girly as I want.

Soph n' Stuff Studio

And where I do all my “post” work on my photos. Deleting all the crappy shots, editing, cropping the good ones. I like having two monitors to work on. Look, I’m working on something now! Looks like some mushroom risotto shots…

Soph n' Stuff Studio

Yes that’s a bacon sticker on my iMac. So?

Soph n' Stuff Studio

Then when I’m done all of my blogging and posting and its time to relax, I curl up in my nook with a good book and a glass of wine.

So, that’s it, Soph n’ Stuff readers! I hope this post did not bore you to tears. Never fear, the next post will be food-related. Oh, you just wait and see.


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2 Comments on “A Tour of the Soph n’ Stuff Studio”

  1. Marl
    January 21, 2013 at 9:33 pm #

    Wow the whole house looks great! I’m glad you are enjoying your space and getting so much use from ‘the back room’!

  2. January 21, 2013 at 7:37 pm #

    The place looks great soph. It sure was nice of the cheesler to allow you to use HIS space for the photos 😀 haha will have to get as good at the photos as you but for now we just use my phone haha.. it seems to do the trick for now.

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