Pot-roast chicken

Pot roast chicken

Did you know you can cook a pot-roast…

Chicken pot roast

With a whole chicken?

Yes boys and girls, pot roast is not just for your tougher cuts of roast beef.

Chicken pot roast

This is a one-dish wonder, perfect for a Sunday evening.

Pot roast chicken

I actually made it on a Thursday. I originally intended to throw it all in my slow cooker on low in the morning and come home to a house full of olfactory heaven. But I forgot the most important step: putting everything in the slow cooker.

So it worked just as well in my cast-iron pot, baked in the oven for 2 hours. The worst part was the waiting.

The best part was the chicken. Oh, and the potatoes. And the carrots. The whole thing is good, mmkay?

Pot roast chicken

And you can use the leftover chicken (if there is any) for quesadillas!

Chicken thief

Wile taking photos of your dinner, keep a close on eye on any lip-licking scavengers in the area, it is known that they have developed quite the taste for stolen chicken.

Here’s the recipe!

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