A night of antipasto indulgence


I’ve been watching a lot of Sopranos. I’ve watched it twice before from beginning to end, and am now on my third round. But it’s just one of those shows that you can watch over and over again. And each time I get back into it, I get the Italian-American food fever.


The scenes at the Soprano’s Sunday dinner really get to me, and I inevitably end up dreamily contemplating Sunday Gravy and Baked Ziti. But one episode where Carmela and Ro dine at Vesuvio’s and chat over prosciutto and melon put me right over the edge. “I must have that,” I thought vehemently to myself, “I must have prosciutto and melon”.


The very next morning, after disembarking the GO Train at Union Station, I made my weekly trip to the St. Lawrence Market.

I didn’t just get some prosciutto and some melon.

Antipasto platter

Let’s just say I got a few more things than that. Later, I also picked up a nice bottle of Chianti. I looked for Ruffino Chianti which is what they’re always drinking on the show, but alas, my little local LCBO does not carry it.


To add to my  purchased treasures, I baked up some home-made crusty italian bread and a rosemary olive oil flatbread.

Rosemary olive oil flatbread

To top it all off (and to squeeze at least one green vegetable into the meal), I made some Easy Rapini, to be served cool with the fabulous antipasto tray.


Cheesler and I enjoyed a good feed of cured meats, fancy cheeses and marinated veggies while watching the episode where the FBI bugs the lamp in the basement. A perfect Saturday evening.

Antipasto night

Antipasto night

Antipasto night

If you’re thinking about assembling a similar masterpiece, here’s a list of everything I served:

Hot aged pepper salami
Marinated eggplant stuffed with provolone
Home-made rosemary olive oil flatbread
Boschutto al Tartufo (Sheep/cow’s milk cheese with black truffles)
Rapini with garlic and chili
Pickled pearl onions
Baby pickled
Pimiento-stuffed olives
Aged wild boar sausage
Smoked ham stuffed with goat’s cheese
Smoked mozzarella
marinated mushrooms
Artichoke hearts
Honeydew melon
Home-made crusty italian bread
Olive oil and aged balsamic vinegar
Home-made marinara sauce (for dipping bread in)


Buon Appetito!


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6 Comments on “A night of antipasto indulgence”

  1. sandra chrysler
    January 19, 2013 at 2:45 pm #

    My very favourite meal. I’m actually drooling.Yipes, I’m Pavlov’s dog.

    • September 15, 2014 at 1:42 am #

      Fabulous meal, I spotted the picture on Pinterest and it led me here, and as my favourite show is The Sopranos, I just had to indulge myself. I pretty much made it the same, can’t get rapini here so I had rocket dressed in olive oil and chili, popped season 4 on from the box set, bottle of Montepulciano d’Abruzzo and as you say, pretty much a perfect sunday evening.


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