Crusty italian bread

Crusty italian bread

White bread is my kryptonite.

Preparing the dough

No, not that horrible mass-produced rectangular atrocity you’re thinking of.

Making italian bread

Freshly baked artisan baguette, smeared with navy bean puree. Or a floury, robust portugese bun topped with some spiced gouda. Or a crusty-on-the-outside-chewy-on-the-inside loaf of italian bread, dipped in olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Those are the breads I love, and I am not ashamed to say I will never be able to go on one of those low carb diets.

Mixer kneading the bread dough

I will buy them at the bakery, but if I have time, I much prefer to bake them at home. I have a special fondness for dealing with doughs, and bread dough is my favourite. It’s warm, supple, stretchy. I love how its composition changes as it works its way through its various stages of metamorphosis.

Crusty italian bread

And there’s nothing, NOTHING better in this world than the aroma of baking bread, filling my home and making it cosy and warm. Well ok, roasting chicken aroma is a close competitor. And both at the same time? Olfactory HEAVEN!

Italian flatbread

We recently made a meal out of italian antipasto indulgence. Prosciutto, capicollo, fancy cheeses, rapini, marinated eggplants and mushrooms, and a nice Chianti. Naturally, a crusty italian bread would be necessary, to dunk in oil/vinegar and my home-made marinara sauce. It was a Saturday, so I decided to make it at home, from scratch. I found a very detailed recipe online and followed it loosely. The end result was fabulous.

Crusty italian bread

This bread went a long way. Not only did we enjoy it with our antipasti, it made excellent croutons two days later on my Mushroom Soup. I made a big batch of dough, so I made both a regular loaf, dusted in cornmeal, and a flatbread with olive oil and rosemary.

Italian Bread

Recognize those little buns? I knew I would be making Peameal Bacon Breakfast Sliders the next morning, so I baked them at the same time. Oh I am so clever.


Here’s the recipe!


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