Mushroom soup à la gratinée

Mushroom soup

I hate to waste food. Whenever I have the teensiest bit of a leftover item, I ponder and agonize in my mind until I find the perfect way to use it up.

Boschetto al Tartufo

So I had this cheese. It was a Boschetto al Tartufo, leftover from a fabulous antipasto platter I had made the previous weekend. This is a cheese made from sheep and cow milk, speckled delightfully with bits of black truffles.


And I had this 2 day old home-made italian bread.

Croutons getting ready

I wondered about the best way to use the cheese in a dish without letting its earthy umami-ness fade into the other flavours. Knowing me, my first thought was a pizza. But no, the cheese was too rich for a pizza and baking it to smithereens would reduce the truffle flavour.


Next, I thought of a risotto. That idea, too, was rejected. I wanted something…different.

Soup simmering away

Ladling the soup

Then I started thinking about a soup. A soup with a crouton top, that way I could use up the old bread. And top it with the cheese!

Topping the croutons

Cheesler makes a lovely hand model, doesn’t he? He has the most beautiful man-hands I’ve ever seen. And he’s great at following hand-model directions from a frantic food photographer named Sophie.

Boschetto al Tartufo on croutons

Yes, yes, I was on to something here. It would have to be a mushroom soup. But not creamy, that would be too much. In the back of my mind, I heard the voice of Jamie Oliver, and knew that I would make a creamless mushroom soup, and that Jamie would have just the recipe for me.

Mushroom soup

I was not disappointed.

Mushroom soup

I am new to the world of dried mushrooms, this was the second time I had used them. And I must say, it is true that they really do amp up the mushroom factor in a mushroom dish.

Mushroom soup

Jamie suggests a mixture of fresh wild mushrooms, but I only had buttons and portobellos, so that’s what I used. He also suggests mascarpone cheese but I skipped that as I would be topping my soup with the croutons and the precious Boschetto al Tartufo.

This was a fabulous weeknight dinner. So hearty and filling and simple. And the truffle cheese really elevated it to something special. Here’s the recipe!

Mushroom soup


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