French beef dip sandwiches

Beef dip sandwich

For Christmas last year, my family did something a little different. My Aunts served up not only a lovely turkey dinner with all the fixins, they served a lovely Prime Rib roast with yorkshire puddings and all the fixins.

We ate – oh did we ever eat. The Prime Rib was succulent, juicy and perfectly cooked. The only unfortunate thing about how delicious it was was that there weren’t any leftovers!

I wanted more. I needed more. So naturally, on December 27, I cooked up another Prime Rib dinner with all the fixins. Yeah, I did that. And I daresay it was the best roast beef dinner I have ever made. You can ask Cheesler, he’ll vouch for me. I was so busy being enthralled with how amazing it was, I forgot to take pictures.

What do you do with roast beef leftovers? Well, in the Soph n’ Stuff household, we has us some beef dip sandwiches.

Beef dip sandwich

They’re simple, really. Leftover roast beef slices and caramelized onions on a toasted baguette, served with au jus for dipping with fries and coleslaw.

This time, there wasn’t a lick of gravy left over (it was poured in excess over potatoes and filled every nook and cranny of yorkshire puddings), so I took a shortcut and used a can of beef consomme, which worked fine. Not quite as good as a home-made au jus, but acceptable under the circumstances.

Beef dip sandwich

Beef dip sandwich


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2 Comments on “French beef dip sandwiches”

  1. sandra chrysler
    January 9, 2013 at 9:03 am #

    Actually, there were leftovers [sorry you didn’t get any but you should have stayed] and we had hot beef with gravey on bread and turkey pickins on the side. yum yum.

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