Gordon’s Borscht

One weekday morning about a year ago, I read in the newspaper that Gordon Ramsay would be doing a book signing at the local Chapters here in Toronto. I didn’t have any lunch plans that day, so thought I would mosey over during my break from work and get to meet a real celebrity chef.

Arriving at the store, I noticed a line-up but was unperturbed – there were maybe 100 people, tops. I purchased Ramsay’s new cookbook, Healthy Appetite, and settled in at the back of the line, flipping through its pages. I was quickly approached by a staff member. “uh…sorry, but this is not the back of the line”. I looked to where he was pointing and noted with alarm that it was a long distance away, indeed outside the very store. The part I had thought was the end was a space to allow customers through the front door. “Yeah,” he said, “the first people got here around 4 am to line up.”

I was shocked. I only had about 35 minutes left on my lunch hour. There was no way I was getting this book signed. Crestfallen, I left the lineup and loitered around for a few minutes to see the grand entrance of the man himself, then stalked back to work…new, unsigned cookbook in hand.

I have to admit, I didn’t even open it until just recently, when I was pondering blog ideas and thought I could do a cookbook collection feature. And luckily, this one fell within my health craze category.

Gordon’s recipes are all pretty straightforward, down-to-earth dishes. “Simple, honest, sustainable” is what he would say with his thick Scottish accent.

The book features lovely, simple recipes containing things like bream and showcasing photos of Gordon peering adorably over kale leaves and gently presenting handfuls of tomatoes.

This was a great Monday night dinner. Quick, easy and healthy. I served the soup with balkan yogourt, bread and salted cucumbers.

Here’s the recipe! Gordon’s Borscht


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One Comment on “Gordon’s Borscht”

  1. February 20, 2012 at 10:13 pm #

    Looks so delicious!

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