All hail pizza, queen of the world

After 28 years of living, eating, and cooking, I hereby proclaim my most favourite food in the world to be…

Drumroll please…


Okay, maybe I’ve only been cooking for 20 years. But I’ve been eating Pizza for at least 26. Right mom?

It used to be if someone were to ask me: “Hey Soph, what’s your favourite thing to eat?”, I would immediately spiral into a vortex of indecision, barking out things like “Italian! No…Indian! No, wait…  Tomatoes! Bacon!” and eventually faint from the sheer impossibility of answering that sort of question. It wasn’t until I went to Europe last year that I started to actively believe it may be pizza. Anytime my travel companions and I were looking for a place to eat, I would bolt towards any sign advertising its cheesy goodness. They would roll their eyes at me and say,  “Pizza again, Sophie? Really?” In response, I would hunch over my plate and merrily shove it down my gullet.

One time during our trip, Cheesler and I decided to share a pizza for dinner, but as the menu was in Swedish, the one he accidentally ordered for us was a calzone. A calzone, my friends, is no substitute for a pizza and is in fact a complete waste of time and calories. Why would you want to hide away the melty cheese topping? And a double layer of crust? Come ON. If I ever become Prime Ministress, I will outlaw Calzones and inflict swift justice on those who continue to create such monstrosities.

The thing about pizza is that even when its bad, it’s good. I have such fond memories of living in Victoria and frequenting a place my group of friends and I lovingly referred to as “ghetto slice”. You could purchase a huge, greasy slab for a dollar, and because it was open late, it was the perfect after-bar snack.

And then there’s the ubiquitous frozen pizza, which I will not discriminate against. Hey, I love to cook, but give me something that I can stick in the oven for 10 minutes and out comes a pizza, and I’m a happy camper. It’s one of the few pre-packaged foods that appear in my kitchen. So sue me.

Just recently, they opened a new Pizzaiolo a block away from my work, whose lunch special is a slice and a drink for five bucks. But this place is no ghetto slice. It is real, good, italian pizza – and its appearance has made me visit the gym in earnest to compensate for its potential contribution to my waistline.

The other, and more obvious thing about pizza is its versatility. You can put almost anything on top of it. You can experement, play around, invent. Or, you could just go with tradition. I for one favour simple, harmonious flavours on my pizza.

I love to make pizza from scratch and try out different things until I come up with a favourite. You may recall my post about Pork Chop Pizza.

and Duck Fontina Pizza,

as well as the wealth pizza.

Not to be outdone is the breakfast pizza.

These are a few of my go-to recipes. And I still have a few up my sleeve. Make sure to stay tuned for “the Gobbler”, which will be coming to an oven near you shortly after Thanksgiving.

Last night was pizza night in the Soph n’ Stuff household. I tend to be of the “thin crust” school of thought, and usually make my own dough from scratch. And I always make two. Last week in the grocery store they were having a BOGO event in the deli section, and I noticed that prosciutto was included, so I snatched up two packs of the stuff, saving myself about eight bucks. With this, I made a pizza with  (homemade) tomato sauce, whole black olives, mozzarella cheese, prosciutto, and arugula (aka “the Wealth Pizza”).

The second one, a sauceless little number, was topped with maple bacon, fresh thyme, mushrooms sauteed in truffle butter, mozzarella cheese and drizzled with truffle oil on top. I shall name this one “Truffle pig pizza”.

If one is going to go out on a limb and make a sauceless pizza, one must make sure that the toppings are bold enough in flavour to compensate for the lack of sauce. And if I may just toot my own horn here, goddamn was it ever delicous.  The truffle oil and maple bacon combination blasted the tastebuds with an almost erotic earthiness. And the saltiness of the prosciutto was balanced out perfectly by the crisp pepperiness of the arugula.

Is your mouth watering yet?

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