Archive | September, 2011

All hail pizza, queen of the world

After 28 years of living, eating, and cooking, I hereby proclaim my most favourite food in the world to be… Drumroll please… …Pizza! Okay, maybe I’ve only been cooking for 20 years. But I’ve been eating Pizza for at least 26. Right mom? It used to be if someone were to ask me: “Hey Soph, […]

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Newfoundland Cuisine

My mom visited recently from BC. She had been in Newfoundland visiting family, and stopped in Toronto to see her favourite offspring before heading home. Unfortunately, her visit was interrupted by a panicked call from the east – my grandmother had been admitted to hospital and things did not look good. After immediately booking a […]

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Backcountry Gourmet

Cheesler and I recently adventured into the wilds of Algonquin Park for our first foray into backcountry hiking and camping. We ambitiously chose the Western Uplands Backpacking Trail, a loop-shaped route that we estimated would take us 4 days of hiking and 3 nights of camping to traverse. Note that there are three loops of […]

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