My blueberries have been explored!

On Flickr, that is!

For those of you unfamiliar with the Flickrverse, having one of your photos “explored” is an exciting event – especially when it’s the first time!

Flickr is a photo-sharing web site used the world over for amateur and professional photographers alike, and is aimed towards artistic photography. There is a huge worldwide community in which fellow photographers ogle each other’s work, share their own work, exchange tips and compliments, and develop creative networks. Every day, some mysterious Flickr personnel sitting in their lofty tower selects 500 photos from the thousands that were uploaded that day, photos that they consider to be interesting (aka interestingness), and add them to the “explore” page. Flickr members obsessively hope to see their own work on the front of this page.

There isn’t really any reward other than feeling really, really good about your photography and getting exposure for your work from the community. And of course you get to accept all kinds of compliments and invitations to other groups, and then there’s the bragging rights. Sorry, I’m trying my best to be humble.

Mine was number 201! I am feeling really happy about this and it really made my day! If you haven’t been already, go check out Flickr right now and use the explore function, and check out the work of thousands of extremely talented photographers. While you’re at it, you might as well create an account and start sharing your own!


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