Quail Egg Canapés

I spent a lovely few days with my Aunt Sandy this past weekend. One of the many highlights of my visit was a trip to the new asian supermarket around the corner (United Supermarket). I was amazed by the sheer selection, the freshness of the produce and the rock bottom prices. Why have I never thought of this type of shopping before?! After being here, I have resolved to start shopping at our local asian supermarket here in Toronto.

We meandered through the well-stocked aisles for a good 30 minutes, trying to decipher labels and chuckling at the humourous translations. We picked up a bag of shiitake and oyster mushrooms, to be sauteed later in a medley. Some Brussels sprouts, to be cooked with bacon. Both would be an excellent accompaniment to the rock hen we already had at home, waiting to be roasted.

We also came across these lovelies – an 18 pack of quail eggs from a local ontario farm. And at the low low price of $2.99, we couldn’t resist buying them to have as a snack later. Yes, we were on a roll for eating tiny versions of things. Cute little quail eggs. A mini-hen.

The weather was dreary and damp. After a big dump of snow, London had seen warmer temperatures and a bit of rain, so everything was a huge grey slush puddle. Upon arriving back at the casa, we decided any further venturing outside would have to be canceled, and then hunkered down for a Damages marathon. BTW, have you seen this show? It’s all about high-staked litigation, intrigue, double-crossing and general corporate conspiracy. It is addictive.

Before settling in, however, we thought a snack was in order. The quail eggs are so cute, all be-speckled.

To keep it simple, I suggested we just fry them up and eat them on toast, kind of like a canapé.

I cut little rounds of toasted deli-style bread…

and placed the loonie-sized fried egg on top. Voilà! A bite-sized breakfasty snack.

After a while we just started making them more rustic-style and less canapé.

But they tasted just as good.

I will definitely be getting these again to do more experimentation with other recipes. I’m thinking…Salade Niçoise, perhaps. Sandy’s idea was to soft-boil them, then bring them on a picnic. A delicious littler soft-boiled egg morsel. Thoughts?


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