Tortilla Chicken Soup and the Wildest Dream

It seems like everything I’m cooking lately is served in a bowl. Tom Khaa, Paneer Makhani…ok maybe it’s just those things that I’ve cooked recently. But things served in bowls are just so darn yummy, and great to warm up a cold Toronto evening in March. Plus, you can easily and safely eat your food in a bowl while reclining on the couch and watching documentaries about mountain climbing, which is one of my fave weeknight activites lately. So, I am breaking away from my asian theme of late and present to you: Tortilla Chicken Soup.

My friend and ex-colleague R. is a Mexican foodie extraordinaire and used to wow and impress all of us in the lunchroom with his spicy and delicious-smelling dishes. We would talk at length about Chilles Rellenos, Huevos Racheros and other Mexican delicacies. It was through hashing out details of these recipes with an actual Mexican cook that I realized all this time I thought I was cooking Mexican food I was really cooking Southwest or TexMex food.

Either way, I love both styles of cuisine. One day, R. brought in a soup that was tomato based, smelled like heaven and had avocado of all things placed on top as a garnish. I had never seen avocado used in a hot soup scenario – but he explained that this is very common down south. I was fascinated.

Of course, the Pioneer Woman posted a recipe soon after, and it was such a coincidence that I was determined to make it.

So I did! And it turned out fabulously. The garnishes really elevate the soup to utter divinity.

Click here for the recipe! (Adapted from the Pioneer Woman)

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