Smoked Salmon Toasts

When I peered into my fridge this afternoon in search of a snack, the outlook was grim. All I had was a huge bunch of dill and a log of goat cheese, among some questionable contents of tupperware containers. Having craved smoked salmon a few days ago, it dawned on me to make something classic and delicous, with a twist. Smoked salmon toasts!

I hustled off to the store to obtain the remaining ingredients. Now, usually, one would use cream cheese in an application such as this. But hey, I like to break the rules. Plus, it really was an enormous log of goat cheese that I had to get rid of.

So, I decided to make a spread from goat cheese, dill, and chopped capers. For seasoning, I added a little dry mustard powder and lemon pepper, along with a secret ingredient: a little of the caper juice from the jar. Salty! I found that the goat cheese was kind of crumbly and not quite creamy and spreadable enough, so I added a skosh of plain yogourt which worked like a charm.

Next, I prepared the base, which is just toasted pumpernickel bread slices and smoked salmon slices. The stuff I got said it was “Norwegian Style” smoked salmon. I found it to be milder and less salty than the kind I’ve had in the past.

Then, as per usual, I played around with my camera, taking various shots from different angles. Luckily, there was no grumbly Cheesler around to huff and puff about the delay. In case you’re wondering, the only place in my apartment that has an abundance of lovely natural light is on the bookshelf right next to our living room window. I sometimes wonder if the neighbours that can see in my window wonder what the hell I’m doing, taking pictures of sandwiches on top of my bookshelf.

So, next, I mixed up all the ingredients for the spread until it was nice and creamy (thanks, yogourt!)

And spread it onto the toasted pumpernickel slices, real nice-like.

Then, top with smoked salmon slices, sprinkle a couple of capers and dill on top….

And you’re ready to dig in!

What lovely colours! This right here, is why I love food photography. It seems so…practical…to create your masterpiece, take beautiful photos with great colour and depth of field, then eat it.

Ultimately, you’re left with this. Nothing but a plate of crumbs and a satisfied belly.

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