Casa de Sandy

My lovely and stylish aunt Sandy lives here in Ontario. I always look forward to visiting her not only for her wit, charm, good food and bad influences, but to bask in the fabulousness of her home. She always jokes about who is going to have to get rid of all her junk when she’s gone (god forbid, it won’t be for a long time), but I secretly hope she leaves it all to me.

Sandy always tells me this story about when I was a teenager and I came to visit her once. She had left the house for some reason, and when she came back, I had set myself up on a blanket in the backyard, reading a book and eating grapes (I think). She says that as she peered out the window, I stretched languorously, sighed and exclaimed aloud: “Ahhhh, the lap of luxury!” to no one in particular. Or maybe it was to the cat.

While that story is slightly embarrassing and makes one wonder about my mental health, it was absolutely true. Her home is the lap of luxury, to me, anyway (and likely to her as well). Situated on a quiet residential street, shaded by a blossoming fruit tree in front, the hacienda-style pink stucco house is surrounded by well-tended but beautifully non-manicured gardens. There is a covered balcony in front on which we sit in the mornings, perched on wicker chairs, drinking cappuccinos and watching the world go by.  The balcony is very well  protected from the elements, so it could be pouring rain or whipping wind, but it is cosy and dry in there, where we wear bulky fur coats to keep warm while we chat.

Sandy has spent years collecting vintage and art deco pieces and placing them lovingly around her home. Check out the impressive array of small appliances from the 50s and 60s.

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She also tends to find modern items that go perfectly with her existing things, like these adorable utensils from Ikea, which I ran out and bought as soon as I left her place.

Well, actually, Cheesler drove me to Ikea so I could purchase said utensils, which is kind of a big deal. He hates Ikea, and I know he must really love me to take me there. Thanks babe!

In the evenings, she goes around turning on the many lamps affixed to the walls or set on table tops, so that a warm amber light glows in each room and makes you feel cosy and safe and…well, happy. Usually after a delicious dinner of something like asparagus lasagna and salad with strawberries and walnuts sautéed with butter and sugar (mmmmmm), we will either hunker down in the basement with our heating pads and watch Antonia’s Line or Babette’s Feast, or watch her latest video project (Sandy is also a talented videographer).



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4 Comments on “Casa de Sandy”

  1. Shane
    November 12, 2010 at 11:05 pm #

    Your aunts house is very cool. I especially like the perspective on the feline.


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