Saturday Night Pizza Fever

Cheesler is a wealth of ideas, culinary and otherwise. While I tend to scour the internet and my cookbooks, looking for something interesting to cook, he actually spends time coming up with cockamamy recipes. Which is how PCP was born. Don’t ask me why we turn everything we say into acronyms, it’s this weird couple thing we do. If a stranger were to listen to us in our apartment alone together it would be like listening to alphabet soup. We also make up words for things. Like if someone is going grocery shopping, they’re going to bobloblaws to get grosho. Or Grosseries.

P(ork) C(hop) P(izza) was coined by the eloquent Cheesler, after spending many hours contemplating his love for pork, and pork chops with apple sauce. Basically I take a real nice pork chop and brown it nicely with some butter in a cast-iron skillet, then I set that piglet aside. I prepare my pizza dough (if you want a thin crust, just don’t give it any rising time), and bake it in a 400F oven for about 10 mins. The sauce base for this sucker is my home-made sweet chipotle BBQ sauce, which I apply liberally to the par-baked crust. Now, I slice up an apple (I used Macintosh). Ok wait, go back. Next, I realize I didn’t get any apples at bobloblaws and briefly battle with Cheesler to convince him to go get some. Then I wait. He gets back, and I grovel, and he feels better. The night continues.

I slice up that apple and sauté it in a little butter and S&P. Once caramelized, I lay the slices down on the crust on top of the BBQ sauce. Then, with my dangerously sharp new calphalon santoku knife I slice up that piggy chop and most of the slices make it onto the pizza. Some were intercepted by my mouth. My excuse is I had to check the seasoning.

Then, I realize that I haven’t grated the cheese yet, so I fetch some fresh mozzarella from the fridge and go to it. About 2 cups of grated mozza goes on top of everything, then some S&P, then into the oven it goes! But it doesn’t go alone…

It is accompanied by D(uck) F(ontina) P(izza), it’s closest and most delicious friend. DFP consists of a par-baked crust (see above), smeared with soft goat cheese, red onions sauteed with rosemary and honey, sliced seared duck breast and grated fontina cheese. Mmmmmm.

I tried to take step-by-step photos but for some reason my timing was off, the kitchen was a mess and I got duck fat on my camera, after which it went away to a safe place. I did, however, take photos of the final product. I wouldn’t do you wrong, dear readers.


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5 Comments on “Saturday Night Pizza Fever”

  1. Shane
    November 12, 2010 at 11:19 pm #

    Hello let me introduce myself. I’m bob lawblah. Mmm, PCP…


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