I heart Ruche

I came across this web site a little while ago. It’s whole deal is new “vintage-style” clothing, and let me tell you, if I win a thousand dollars tomorrow, I will happily spend it all on http://www.shopruche.com/ . It is surprisingly reasonably priced, too, not at all like most vintagey shops that charge you an arm and a leg for…well, something to cover your arms and legs with.

Just look at these fabulous pretties:

I know someone else who would love these - you know who you are, my little coriander seed

I know, it’s so un-zen of me to ache for physical belongings, but wouldn’t I look adorable in this?

Or this?

And I can just see myself flouncing down Queen St on my way to work in this li’l emsemble…

Sigh. Seeing items like this really makes we want to learn how to design/make my own clothing. I did take a step towards this last year, when I bought a sewing machine from craigslist. I am embarrassed to say that all I have made with it is an apron for my bacon n’ egg bikini costume. I took an old brown corduroy bikini I had lying around and made little felt eggs to attach to the boobs and little felt bacon strips to serve as the straps, then there was the above-mentioned gingham apron, and a headband with a felt piece of buttered toast attached to it. I have to brag, it was pretty awesome. I paraded around with an Aunt Jemima bottle filled with beer instead of syrup. I wore it at an electronic music festival on the beach, but unfortunately, what with the festival being on west coast Vancouver Island, the weather was not conducive to wearing breakfast – it was freezing! I only kept it on for about half an hour then changed back into full-length garb.

In other news, today’s random wikipedia article was: Pinwheel (toy).


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One Comment on “I heart Ruche”

  1. Coriander seed
    October 22, 2010 at 2:30 am #

    I DO! I DO love them!

    I’m going right now to drool over that site.

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