We’ll always have Wiener

One of the highlights of our time in Vienna was a trip to the Prater Amusement Park, which is home to the Wiener Reisenrad, or Giant Ferris Wheel. Its claim to fame is that it was built in 1897 and still stands today, albeit a brief destruction during WW2 and subsequent rebuild. It is lit up like a christmas tree and can be seen towering over the city’s skyline at night, especially from our Hostel with a view. The ferris wheel was cool because it had these little box things that you go into, and it is rather huge and impressive and you get a great view. They also have cars available for parties, or a nice romantic dinner. I don’t know where the food would have come from though.

We totally fell for the tourist trap souvenir photo thing, probably because we were quite drunk when we entered the park.

This amusement park was so much better than the ones in Canada because:

a: it was like, 10 o’clock at night on a Wednesday when we got there and it was still open;

b: because of this, there were no children to be seen;

c: they sold beer in little kiosks and you could drink it anywhere;

d: there is no admission to the park, only to the rides if you want to go on.

Besides the ferris wheel, we only went on one ride, I don’t know what you would call it. It was one of those rotating swing carousel things that goes up about 10 stories high. I figured it was the least vomit-inducing thing we could go on, given our inebriated state. We absolutely veered away from the XTC ride, which looked far from anything that would induce pleasure. More likely that it would produce everyone’s regurgitated dinner, all over everyone else.

We left around midnight and there were still groups of party-goers entering the park, so who knows what time it was open until? A definite must-see in Vienna…er…Wien if you end up going there.


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