The TV men in my life

Remember when tv shows used to be kind of crappy, and to see something of cinematic excellence you had to go see a movie? Whatever happened there? Well, I suppose you could say that HBO, AMC and Showcase and Showtime happened. Happened to make some goddamn good tv shows.

I thought I would do a quick run-down about the leading men in my favourite tv shows.

Donald Draper – Mad Men (Jon Hamm)


Ahhh, Don Draper. A troubled, mysterious, painfully handsome, philandering, creative genius. He wants the best of both worlds: the comfort and security of a beautiful wife and children, a house in the suburbs, and a job in the city. He also wants every pretty young thing who crosses his path. If you looked up “gash-hound” in the dictionary, you’d find ol’ Don’s picture right next to it.

Walter White – Breaking Bad (Bryan Cranston)

A squeaky clean science teacher who starts out trying to make sure his family will have financial security when he dies of lung cancer, who later discovers that he has a knack for dabbling in “the game”, aka cooking methamphetamine. We later learn that he is a gifted scientist, and a true badass, sending shivers down the spine of hardened drug cartel leaders. I can never believe this is the same guy who plays the dad in Malcolm in the Middle. Cheesler and I have had in-depth discussions that always result in the same conclusion – this is the best show on tv.


Tony Soprano – The Sopranos (James Gandolfini)

Another troubled and mysterious man. At the head of a prominent New Jersey organized crime family, he lives two lives. Dedicated father and family man, and iron-fisted leader. Another gash-hound here, he subscribes to the Mafioso tradition of maintaining a Gumar, or semi-sanctioned girlfriend, though how any woman would be attracted to him I have no idea. It must be the power thing.

The wikipedia article on Tony is insanely long and detailed – this is one developed character. I’ve seen James Gandolfini in other roles and it’s just not the same.


Nucky Thompson – Boardwalk Empire (Steve Buscemi)

Have you ever noticed that Steve Buscemi hasn’t changed at all in the last 15 years? He’s always had that kind of craggly, skeletal look to him. If anything, it looks more natural on him now that he has gotten on in years. He has grown into his craggliness. Good on him.

Anyway, this is a fairly new show so this character is difficult to assess. There is plenty known about the actual historic figure, but it is hard to tell how Steve will bring him out. We shall just have to see.

We noticed while watching the first episode that this is another period piece whose opening sequence has a modern musical theme, however the music throughout the actual episode was the real thing from the 1930s. In fact, it was a little overdone, we thought. Hopefully the producers will tone that down as the show matures.


Derek Shepherd – Grey’s Anatomy (Patrick Dempsey)

I think I just heard a collective groan of disgust from the male readers in my blogience (blog+audience? I just made that up.)

Whatever. I love the show. I know it’s bad, and I don’t care. The ladies know where it’s at.

And Derek. Oh, Derek, you scrubby-faced, tousle-haired brain surgeon genius, you. Why did you end up with Meredith? Addison was soooo much better for you. And better-looking. Who cares that she cheated with Sloan, he’s got nothing on you. I love how you always risk people’s lives to perform experimental surgeries that have never been done before and sometimes kill them, and how you drive too fast, and how you always clean up nice when you have to wear a suit. Reeeeaaaal niiiiice.









Aidan Shaw – Sex and the City (John Corbett)

There are two categories of women who watched Sex and the City – the ones in the Big camp and the ones in the Aidan camp. I have always been an Aidan kinda girl. Ok, I know, I know, he’s not exactly a leading man in the show, as there aren’t any leading men, just supporting roles. But…remember that scene when Carrie goes to the bar opening thing and sees Aidan and he’s cut his hair short and is wearing that white button up shirt, and later she tries to convince him to get back together and she’s standing at the base of his stairs on the street and he shouts “you broke my heart!” at her? And then later, he comes over anyway and barges in and they make out hardcore in her doorframe? Sigh. I get shivers just thinking about that scene. And remember how he takes Carrie to the cabin in the woods and she doesn’t appreciate it because she’s a stupid city girl? He was too good for her. Although the scene where she sees him on the street years later and he has one of those baby sling things on kind of destroyed him for me.


Jimmy McNulty – The Wire (Dominic West)

I am currently re-watching the Wire, the show that up until Breaking Bad was at the top of my list as best-ever. McNulty changes so much from season to season – going from a drunken womanizer in some to a dedicated partner and loving father, then back. Sometimes being a brilliant and astute detective. Sometimes fabricating murders for the sake of creating overtime for his buddies. Always hilarious.


On the other side, in the criminal element, my fave is Stringer Bell (Idris Elba), the discerning businessman in gangland. He is a big, tall, hulking man, and I bet he smells awesome. I just want to be his little spoon., however could never compare to Cheesler as the leading man in my life.


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