Cute spoons!

Europeans love their cafés.


We went to many during our trek from the baltics to the balkans, however some stood out in my mind as being exceptionally good.


In Finland, our host from Robit took us to a roadside truck-stop type cafe and bakery. Alas, I did not document its name because I was so distracted by the heavenly aromas wafting from within. There, they served coffee, soup, and the traditional Finnish donuts, still warm from the oven and covered in sugar (not the powdered kind. Real, grainy sugar). They also had plenty of fresh bread and various cakes and pastries.



In old town Tallinn, Estonia there is an amazing little cafe called Kohvituba Coffee Shop, which we randomly stopped at after a hellish climb up Olav’s Cathedral. Exhausted, legs shaking, we sat gratefully at a table on a sidewalk patio and ordered espresso. The owner (who looks remarkably like Smith Jerrod, I might add), served us our drinks with a glass of water and a couple of vintage estonian ladies’ magazines (“Maret“) to gaze at.



To the girls’ delight, we were presented with a little clay sugar pot with an adorable collectable spoon to scoop the sugar into our espresso. Many pictures were taken, despite the boys’ taunting (“oooooh cute spoon!“).



I went inside to pay and was very impressed by the vintagey feminine decor inside.



I wish I could go to this cafe every day! It was so pretty!



Ps: have you noticed I have been trying my hand at Photoshop to make my photos more interesting? I have to admit, I cheat and use free actions that I downloaded from the Pioneer Woman (love her!), but hopefully I will learn more through osmosis or something.



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