Thirty in Twenty

In my weekly solo excursion in pursuit of artistic fulfillment, I visited the DepARTment gallery on Dundas West for a photography exhibit called “Thirty in Twenty”. This photo is one from the show, by Toni Harting.

I was the only person there as it was still very early in the day, so I had a chance to speak with Zach, the gallery owner. He explained that the artists, Tony and Ria Harting, were living frugally in Toronto in 1973 when they came into some sort of inheritance which would seem small in today’s terms but back then was quite substantial. Specific instructions were given with the money that they must spend it on enjoying themselves – so being food fanatics and having been to France before they decided that a culinary oddessey through the country would be fitting.

They got a volkswagon van so as to not waste money on accommodations and mapped a route which would take them to 10 three-star restaurants chosen from the Michelin guide, and took photos and memorabilia such as autographed menus to document their adventure. It was beautiful! They would stand outside of their van, garbed in their finest evening wear en route to to whatever restaurant they had reserved for that evening. In between restaurants, they would lunch in the van on breads, cheeses, beans and charcuterie. They would shower at public outdoor showers at beaches along the way. Sigh, how very romantic.
It inspired me to:
a: learn more about french cooking. This shouldn’t be too hard to get into as I am almost finished reading Julia Child’s memoirs which make me run to the kitchen every time I finish a chapter to see what I can make from ducks and/or butter and/or thyme.
b: actually go to france. Paris, especially. I’ve always wanted to see it anyway. It might be something that will need to wait until I win the lotto, though.
c: go to the show that the same gallery is hosting in december which showcases Provence.
d: go to more art shows, period. I just have to find the free ones!

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